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What is bar fine Cambodia?

A bar fine in Cambodia is the fee that you pay a bar, so that the girl you have recently made friends with can leave with you. It does not include, nor infer what happens next!

Regular readers will have seen our piece on how bar fines work in the Philippines. Generally speaking you pay the “bar fine”, or early release charge of about $60 and it usually includes the company of your lady for the evening. In Cambodia things work a little differently.

The main girly bar districts of Phnom Penh at least are located on the riverside from roughly streets 105-130, although they exist throughout the city.

The most famous,or dare we say notorious of these streets is street 130, by far the most likely place to have your phone stolen, but also full of regular bars, restaurants, street food and girly bars. They even have a Pony Tails, much like in Angeles City.

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Girly drinks

You theoretically find a nice bar and meet the lady of your dreams. She then asks you to buy her a drink. Drink prices for lady drinks tend to be about $4, mostly consist of juice, but the lady gets commission from this.

How does the bar fine work in Cambodia?

What is a bar fine Cambodia? Well you and your new friend get along really well and you decide to take the evening elsewhere. You then need to pay a bar fine, so that the lady may leave her work. The fine is much cheaper than the Philippines, a mere $10, but alas unlike the Philippines this is not an all inclusive price. If you would like to take things to the “next level”, you will need to negotiate directly with your new friend on how long she can stay with you, and what price she desires…

Will this result in a pegging session? The finer details are down to you.

And that is the bar fine scene in Phnom Penh and beyond.