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Wan Chai Sunday

Good old Honkers might be up in flames every other day, but in Wan Chai, the party never stops, particularly on a Sunday.

Going to Wan Chai
Heading to Wan Chai

If you’ve never been to Hong Kong (or indeed Wan Chai), I’ll give the quick skinny. Hong Kong might be a city of many a bar, but the sleazy party place in Wan Chai.

Wan Chai is a place with sports bars, strip joints, glorious street food, and indeed where no gentleman need ever go lonely. Many a Filipino, Indonesian, or various flavor of African “freelancer” plies their trade-in and around the bars of Wan Chai.

And then there’s the legend that is the Wan Chai Sunday. Hong Kong is a city-state of domestic workers, usually from Indonesia and The Philippines. They get one day off (not night). That day is Sunday.

Domestic Helper day off in Hong Kong

Many of these ladies are either, single, or at the very least situationally single. On Sunday’s the bars open at 7 am, the chicas dress up all pretty, and people go looking for short term fun. Clubbing at 9 am is a little weird.

The general standard is you and a new friend to then go to one of the many short term hotels in the area. Pragmatic, rather than romantic.

Amazonia Bar, who formerly had a place in Ermita, Manila is the main place to party (in my humble opinion), although it’s all safe enough to just follow where the crowd is headed.

Amazonia Bar Wan Chai

Wan Chai Sunday might not be as cheap as Fields Avenue, but if the ends justify the means, who cares?

street food in Wan Chai
Street Food Wan Chai

Oh, and they got Street Food!