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Best bar in Koreatown Angeles – W-Bar

I’ll start this blog with a few caveats, W-Bar is the only bar in the whole of Korea Town, Angeles. It is not the best bar in Angeles City (more bar blogs to come). But, being the only bar might mean it is by default the best bar, but that does not also make it a bad place.

W-Bar in Koreatown, Angeles

In South Korea (and even North Korea) there is a strong pseudo bar culture. Microbrewers are now the norm, and chicken and hoff (beer) joints have been doing the rounds in Seoul for a long time. 

W- Bar is different, essentially it is the lone Filipino bar with Korean characteristics, that for some reason has managed to avoid the boom and bust culture that is Koreatown, Angeles.

Located on the third floor near the BPI bank, and surrounded by Korean massage, money exchangers and a revolving door of restaurants W- Bar has remained largely unchanged since its inception many years ago.

Designated smoking area at W-Bar

It falls into the resto-bar family of establishments, with the menu being a mix of Korean, Western, and Filipino cuisine. I have usually come here for drinks rather than food, but snack wise they do a great sizzling sausage (200 peso), or sisig (250 peso) that will keep hunger at bay as you sink a few drinks. 

Drinks wise is where this place blows the competition out of the water. Beer is standard coming in at 70-80 peso a pop, but Soju is where it’s at.

Soju with a plate of Calamansi

Soju will set you back for 250 Peso, or 5 bucks, making it much better value regarding getting drunk than a mere beer. They also go the extra mile and create a bit of fusion by serving Soju with a plate of Calamansi. Calamansi and Soju works, and works really well. 

Food in W-Bar

Food wise there’s also a coffee shop that is either associated with, or part of W-Bar that serves the best cheesecake in Angeles City.

Cheesecake in Angeles City

None of this might be reinventing the wheel, and there are better bars out there, but if you need a night off from fields Korea Town is the place to go, and if you go to Koreatown then W-Bar is the place to finish your evening.

If nothing else you’ll get a good cheesecake.