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Tanduay Ice and Friends

For those of us who have spent some time in the Philippines, it is more than likely that we would have had at least one or two dalliances with the national treasure that is Tanduay Rum. Believe it or not, (and you have seen the advertisements) Tanduay claims to be the best rum in the world.

But, aside from rum, Tanduay makes the whole host of other great (and not so great products). Starting with Tanduay Ice.

Long before the fairly putrid San Miguel Apple hit the shelves (worth its own blog entirely) the first alcopop to hit the shelves in the Philippines was Tanduay Ice, retroactively to be referred to as Tanduay Ice White.

Tanduay White is basically a knockoff of legendary teenage drinkers drink Smirnoff Ice (yes, we have all been there). Tanduay White is actually a pretty decent knockoff of Smirnoff, and on a hot day can be necked in one on a beach. I digress.

The (Tanduay) Colour Revolution

With the success of Tanduay Ice White, they followed up with blue, yellow, and red. Now you would assume that all of these would have a flavor, rather than just a colour, but no Tanduay Ice Red is just that, red flavored. All of them certainly taste at least a little different, and the blue does kind of taste blue. But the Tanduay Ice Story was not to end here.

Tanduay Ice Evolution, not Revolution

In 2016 Tanduay shook up the Filipino drinks world by hot dropping two new flavours into the mix. That is right, flavours, not mere colours, but flavours. Tanduay Ice Lemonade (a lighter green), and Tanduay Ice Cranberry (red) are both now probably (with the white) the most popular flavours of Tanduay Ice. Will there be new flavours added, we live in hope. 

From zero to hero

Obviously, no fad should ever be missed when you are marketing a product, so it was only a matter of time before a Tanduay Ice Zero (sugar-free) would be introduced. Obviously much like Coke Zero, it tastes awful.

And that is the story of Tanduay Ice!

UPDATE – I foolishly left out Tanduay I e Apple. There’s actually 3 extra flavours now.