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Score Birds -Angeles City

Score Birds in Angeles City is most famous for its hotel, and of course it’s Saturday Bikini competition! But Scorebirds also has a great little bar and restaurant, that make a very nice change from fields. The bar área is located over two floors, with drink prices being on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The food menú is classic fare, with the nachos being particularly good. Score Birds Hotel nachos Most nights you can be assured of a quiet chilled evening at the bar, although are known to do the odd film night, and of course there’s the infamous bikini contest. Every Saturday between 2-6pm all the prettiest girls from the bars of Ángeles City coverage on the swimming area to decide the best of the best. It’s 500 entry (consumables), and is a rather pleasant way to spend a Saturday. Bikini competition at Score Birds Hotel Scorebirds Hotel is also decently priced,

La Bamba Cantina

La Bamba Cantina is one of the first bars as you enter Walking Street, so therefore a good place to begin happy drinkies. One of the longest running girly bars on the street that started its life as “Hobo Bar”, before morphing into its current incarnation. Another bar that has a centrally placed dance floor surrounded by stools, this meaning you are right in the middle of the action. Beers are cheap enough at 75 Peso a local drink at happy hour, to 110 at other times. Bar fine is 3k........ La Bamba Ángeles Menú Music here is actually quite decent and upbeat (compared to other bars on Fields), and they even have a signature cocktail. Allegedly at least La Bamba makes the best Frozen Margaritas in Angeles! You’ll need to judge that one by yourselves..... Like any bar on Fields the girls change a lot, but they’re usually a lot