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Street Food in (backstreet) Angeles City

I’m gonna give Street Food of Angeles City its whole own article, but for now, I’ll shoot a quick piece out about backstreet Angeles, and in particular Deca, Clark.

Deca is a new housing development about halfway between Clark International Airport, and the legend that is Fields Avenue. Houses here can be purchased on finance, and for cash at less than $25k for a 2 bedroom. I digress, but Deca is a very popular place to buy and is host to lots of expats and locals alike.

As the years have gone on, dining options have improved somewhat (it is less than a 6-year-old development) and there is now a whole street littered with food and drink options.

Here’s a guide to where to get your Street Eat in Deca, Angeles.

5) Filipino sausages – Longanisa 

For some reason, Iceland thinks it has the best sausages in the world. It doesn’t, neither does the Philippines to be fair, but the sweet longanisa (sometimes with cheese) is a great easy street food dish.

4) Kilawin

Did you know Pampanga is the food capital of the Philippines? Well, it is! This dish consists of the kidney, liver, and meat of the pig! It comes with spicy vinegar. Nice!

3) Sisig

Sisig is pure classic Filippino food, and whilst you might mostly associate it with restaurant and bar dining in the Philippines, most street food areas will knock it out. All the best bits of the pig (there are other varieties though) cooked on a hot plate with an egg. You have not eaten in the Philippines unless you try this dish.

2) Filipino BBQ – Inihaw

Inihaw is literally Filipino BBQ, and whilst it encompasses some of what we have included. It is basically bits of chicken, pig, fish, all served up with hot sauces, sweet sauces, vinegar, whatever you need. Filipino BBQ is the bomb.

1) Roasted Chicken – Inihaw Na Manok

Ok, the Filipino looks complicated on this, but it literally means chicken roasted in charcoal. An absolute classic that they cut into bite-sized pieces, and is served with sweet gravy, so nice you can drink it. 

Street Food in the backstreets of Deca, Angeles, Street Food Guy got you covered!