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We will never be Royal – FantaQuest Philippines

I like Fanta a lot, and for a lot of reasons. Obviously, Fanta in its truest form is Orange Fanta, a drink invented by the Nazis. The Nazis you say? Have we already reached Godwin’s law? We have not, this is a mere anecdote, but when the Germans couldn’t get their coke syrup they used locally sourced produce. Oranges were one, and thus Fanta was born. It stayed popular after the war, so Coca-Cola being who they are brought Fanta, and it is now part of the evil empire. 


But, there is much more to Fanta than mere orange! When you travel around the world there are Fanta’s of all different flavours, from watermelon to mango, all depending on the local country. Fun fact I found is a glass-bottled Fanta tonic water in Belize, but once again I digress.

What does this have to do with Royal? Well, on my first trip to the Philippines I noticed Coke, Sprite, and orange drink with a Fanta type logo called Royal. I then tried said drink and found that it does not only looked but tasted like Fanta (not a cheap rip-off). I thus surmised that Fanta meant something naughty in Tagalog, so coke had renamed it. Alas, the truth was more intriguing.


Royal Tu was introduced by the San Miguel Brewery way back in 1922 (yes the guys that make the beer) along with several other still popular drinks. 

San Miguel then got the coke franchise, started to copy Fanta a bit before spinning off the whole soft drinks division to Coca-Cola in 1981. Thus pretty much since 1981, Fanta and Royal have been one and the same.

Amusingly though, I still refer to it as Fanta, but most Filipinos have not left the country and have therefore not heard of Fanta.

So Royal gets the fine taste of Fanta, be part of FantaQuest, and yet has no link to the Third Reich! Win-win says the Street Guy!