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Rent to own in Angeles City

Economically the Philippines has been hit hard by coronavirus. The government have said that they will not be opening to tourism until the second half of next year (2021) and many are struggling financially.

But, whenever there is financial woes the flip side is that certain prices either freeze, or go down. This means that if you have the money, there really isn’t a better time to buy a house in Angeles City.

Rent to own at Deca Clark

Deca Homes is a huge housing development that began construction around 7 years ago. It is separated into a number of different phases, with work on many still ongoing. Certain parts are almost fully occupied and the community is extremely vibrant. You will find all manor of shops, bars, amenities and even resorts on the development, and with 24 hour security it is also one of the safest places to buy.

Where is Deca Clark located?

It is located in Margot district essentially halfway between the airport and the vibrant nightlife of Fields Avenue (link). It is predominantly a family area, although with its proximity to the action would suit most peoples tastes.

Can foreigners buy a house at Deca?

As per the laws of the Philippines foreigners are restricted to buying condos. Although if you are married, or have a Filipino partner it is possible to buy under their name. There is a vibrant mix of nationalities in the Deca Clark community.

There has never been a better time to buy in the Philippines

Whilst prices were rising for a long time at Deca, coronavirus has meant a lot of repossessions and essentially a freeze in pricing. There is essentially very little difference now to the prices of 5 years ago.

A detailed look at pricing can be seen on the graphic provided, but essentially on a 25 year mortgage with a downpayment of less than $1000, it would cost around $150 a month in repayments. Far cheaper than renting anywhere half decent in Angeles City.

Arranging a viewing

If you are interested in buying, or having a viewing at Deca, then we recommend the following agent;

Contact Salesperson:Teresita Cadro

Phone/viber: 09260268377 0950401772

Quote Angeles City Party when contacting to receive our personally arranged special discount.