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(old) Faming Bar

To be declared the worst at something is almost as hard as being the best, it takes effort. If the Old Flaming Bar isn’t the worst bar in Angeles City, please tell me what is.

Angeles is rightly famous for its pretty girls in their girly bars. But, what happens when said girls are too old even for Subic Bay? Are they sent out to pasture? No, they are send to Old Flaming Bar.

Flaming is situated almost opposite the Wild Orchid Hotel, not all that far from crack alley (which has now been gentrified) and consists of ladies who should have long since retired beconing in punters and offering their wares.

Let’s just say that compared to other bars everything here is cheaper, except for the drinks…..

If you’re shopping on a budget, you may well like it here, or if you kind of want to just “go on safari”.

Ironically it used to just be called flaming bar, with the “old” part being added as an afterthought. Well, if the glove doesn’t fit, you have to acquit….

Say what you want about Fields Avenue, but truly no two bars are created the same.