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No crucifixions in Pampanga this year

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic there will be no crucifixioms in San Fernando, Pampanga this year (2020).

You might think that with Walking Street Angeles City would be the most famous place in the Philippines, or at least the province of Pampanga to get nailed in, but alas there is another town that holds this lofty title.

Every Good Friday in San Fernando (about 40 minutes from Angeles City) there is a famous event known locally at the Cutud Lenten Rites festival, whereby devotees of Catholicism and Jesus Christ create a fete like atmosphere to celebrate big JC’s crucifixion.

Essentially the Cutud Festival involves a fete like atmosphere with pop-up stalls selling street food, and Jesus based souvenirs, people running about self-flagellating  themselves, and devotees then going balls-deep in a full on nailed to the cross recreation of the passion of the Christ.

In 2019 the event dress thousands of tourists, as well as media from throughout the globe, even fake news purveyors from CNN. Sadly though this Good Friday (2020) there will be no government warnings about “responsible crucifixions”, no Jesus t-shirts, no blood splattering everywhere, and most disappointing of all no one getting nailed in San Fernando (the joke that keeps on giving).

With the event occurring during Easter there are no plans to delay the festival, or indeed Easter (you would need gods permission to do that), and it is most likely that the Cutud Lenten Rites Festival will not occur again until 2021 again at the very earliest.

And of course with walking street in Angeles City also closed until at least April 30th, it is more than likely that hardly anyone in the whole of Pampanga will be getting nailed this Easter.

Stay safe and just buy Easter Eggs!