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Midget Boxing is Funny

It’s more fun in the Philippines, but it is the most fun in Angeles City. Whatever weird and wonderful thing you fancy, Angeles seems to have it, but one thing they do not have is midget boxing.

As much as we might like to avoid it, for one reason or another, most of us need to pass through Manila at some point, with the Swagman bus usually leaving us perched well in Ermita, and of obvious close proximity to the legend that is LA Café

Now many might view Burgas Street as a poorer, but more expensive version of Fields Avenue, but you can certainly have fun on the street, with there being girly bars, clubs, good food, and of course the aforementioned midget boxing.

Midget boxing
Midget Boxing

In the good old days, Manila offered a number (well 2) main employment opportunities for our pint-sized friends, namely the world-famous Hobbit House, and Ringside Bar.

The Hobbit House was run as a more altruistic affair, to give the little ones’ gainful employment, whilst Ringside was known as being slightly more exploitative. 

Sadly in 2018, the Hobbit House closed down (I learned this bumping into 10 midgets outside of there), whilst the more profit-driven Ringside has carried on to prosper. 

Ringside is at the topside of Burgas Street, and aside from midget boxing has muscle-bound ladies ready to arm wrestle you, lady wrestling, and lots of people trying to take your money!

Here are some tips if you do end up at Ringside:

  • Don’t accept a message from anyone
  • Don’t volunteer to referee 
  • Don’t arm-wrestle a woman, no matter how hard you think you are
  • Never pay by credit card in Ringside
  • Pay round by round

Apart from the warnings, drinks are not horrendously priced though, and if you do end up here, girls wrestling is cute and midgets knocking ten barrels of shit out of each other is entertaining.

Is it moral? If you’re asking that question you might be on the wrong site, but it sure beats being unemployed. 

And if that is not enough for you, you can simply rent your own midget.