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Islands for sale – Malaipo Island Palawan

For over a year I’ve been lucky enough to be able to take trips around the planet to look at islands.

The boat to Malaipo Island Palawan
The boat to Malaipo

The short answer to why I’m doing this is that I head an investment group called IBG Inc. our MO being to buy an island, and to run it as a business.

Without wanting to stare the obvious, The Philippines got a lot of islands, so inevitably our paths would cross.

Palawan is regularly voted the best island in the world, so a great place to start looking. I hit up some contacts, and was eventually led to Malaipo Island.

House at Malaipo island in Palawan
House on Malaipo Island

It is located in Palawan, around halfway between El Nido, and Puerto Princessa, and my word is it big. Unlike the many tiny islands we’d looked at, Malaipo was big enough for serious infrastructure, probably a football field, and already had two dwellings on it. It was also opposite a settlement with shops, a road and other useful links to the “real world”.

Malaipo Island Palawan
Malaipo Island is really big

The price? $280-300,000. A snip for what you are getting, but with the caveat that you’d need a local partner. That unfortunately, is the law of the land.

We eventually moved on to other targets, but the island is very much still available, and we can help arrange a viewing for those interested in purchasing a piece of paradise.

Assuming you have a local partner that is…