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Let’s Buy An Island

Many years ago I befriended a guy that owned an island in the Philippines called Nicci Island. Obviously, as a foreigner, he only owned 40$ of the island, with his local (non-voting partner owning 60 % (as per local laws).

To cut a long story short, he decided to sell the island 2 years ago (I did not have the money), which started a frenzied FB chat about the logistics of actually buying an island. To cut a long story short even shorter, the laws of the Philippines meant we decided almost immediately not to buy here, but an idea was born and we started crowdfunding to buy our very own tropical island. 

The basic premise is to get 120 people to invest $3250 each, raising around the 400k mark. I have posted about this in numerous forums and on sites, with the usual reply being a scam. I get where people are coming from, but seeing as we are people that (mostly) know each other, and the fact that 400k really isn’t enough to run away into the sunset, it certainly lacks some steam.

The last two years have seen us look at multiple islands, in multiple places (including Palawan), with our “winner” being an island in Belize (although as of now we are still open).

The project is designed to be democratic, with us voting on all important matters (such as which island to buy), and I supposed to be fun (there’s a micronation element too), as well as a very serious business endeavor. 

Many people have tried what we have done and failed, and many more have poured scorn on what we are doing, but in our minds, it is many people’s dream to own an island. The big difference with us is we are not dreaming, we are actually doing.

I fully expect the usual comments to follow this article, but feel free to check out the site before passing judgment.