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LA Café – the Bar that really does never sleep

Whilst this site is about the wonderful joys of Angeles City, Angeles, and Ermita Manila are spiritual cousins, and whilst Angeles has Fields, Ermita has the legend and that is LA Café slap bang in the middle of it all.

LA Café certainly isn’t the only girly bar in Ermita, frankly, the place is littered with them, but what separates LA Café from the rest is that whilst all other bars have GRO’s (Guest Relation Officers) who receive their bar fine (early release fee), LA Café is full of independent ladies that like to control their own affairs as it were. And over a 24-hour period, I at least have never seen a situation where the women do not outnumber the men by at least 2-1. A man never needs to feel lonely at LA Café.

The current layout of the bar has a new kind of annex on the other side of the road that operates as an actual bar, where people are rarely likely to approach you, whilst the main bar consists of three compartments.

Downstairs on the entrance is the free part of the bar where most people will be found hanging out. You will not sit here long before the moths come to the light, and people are asking you where you are from. Drinks are in normal prices in LA Café, and there’s no real girly bar price scam here. 

On the other side is more a lounge-type bar with a pool table that is usually much quieter, and then there is upstairs.

Upstairs at LA Café in Manila requires an entrance fee of usually about $10 as they often have bands performing live, but it also thins out the masses of crowds from down below, and dare one say it lead to a higher class of people (if you can say that for the sleaziest bar in Ermita).

LA Café takes credit cards, and the staff is generally pretty good, and trustworthy.

The ladies are not so intense, and will not hassle you if you just want to come in for a flirt, but keep in mind the short-stay hotel next door is there for a reason.