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Is Clark International Closing?

As it is very very typical of the Philippines there are massively conflicting reports on what the Luzon lockdown means for international flights.

On March 15th President Duterte announced a lockdown of Manila, which consisted of domestic, not international flights, with a further announcement today that the lockdown would be expanded to the whole of Luzon, which includes Angeles.

The so-called enhanced community quarantine gives a 72 hour window for outbound flights (until March 20th), and will end on April 13th.

All Filipinos, and this includes OFW’s are barred from leaving any international airport in Luzon, including Clark, with the exception of uniformed personnel, or those traveling for medical reasons.

What about inbound flights to Clark?

Inbound flight passengers will be “allowed transit”, subject to quarantine if they come from a country with existing travel restrictions, such as China, Hong Kong, Macao, or Iran.

Confused yet? Well the confusion continues. Only Filipinos, their spouses, and children, holes of a permanent residents visa, or foreign diplomats will be allowed into the country via the airports of Luzon.

This seems to be an ever-changing, and indeed ever confusing state of affairs, but essentially unless you fall into one of the above categories you will not be able to fly into Clark International Airport from March 20th to April 13th, at a minimum, with chances of it being extended unknown, but sadly very probable.

To add insult to injury, even if you do manage to get into Clark by fitting into one of those categories, family members will not be permitted to pick you up from the airport, as this is not considered “essential travel”.

The Clark International Airport website is still showing the advisory from March 15th, so it is unclear if transportation will be provided from the airport.

It’s gonna be pretty quiet on Walking Street for a while!