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How do lady drinks work?

When you visit the bars of South-East Asia, we’ll the lady bars of said region there is a certain thing that comes up is the lady bar drink!

Drinks are advertised throughout the region at usually twice yo three times what a blokes drink would cost, but why is this and what do you get?

The perks of buying a lady drink

Well this is a funny one, the ladies aren’t going to sit and listen to your patter unless there is something in it for them, especially if there are other potential clients in the bar.

It also depends massively on the girl. If she actually things you’re ok, she might get a little frisky with you, if she does not then well you might just get a good old pat on the back. Think of everything from 0-10, this is what could happen.

What does the girl get out of a lady drink?

Good old fashioned money! Lady drinks cost a lot to the punter, but are basically fruit juice, so costs nothing to the bar, which means that the lady usually gets about 50% of the money. Essentially if you wanna flirt with a bird in a girly bar, buy a girly drink. If not use your charm in a regular bar and see where test gets you.

The morals of a lady drink

Uf you’re already the kind of cat who is in a girly bar then I think we’ve already screwed the pooch on morals here. The reality is that girly drinks give money directly to your servers, many which are supporting family members back home.

If you’ve decided to go to a girly bar, spare $4, or so if you feel like you need the company of a lady. Its win win.

And that is the story of lady drinks….