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Travel ban from Hong Kong and China

Group of people travelling via train wearing plastic bottles over their head

Following the first death in The Philippines President Duterte has temporarily banned flights not just from mainland China, but also Hong Kong and Macao.

In his speech he reiterated that he was not singling out Chinese nationals, and that the ban was to be enforced on all travelers from China regardless of nationality.

This will be of huge affect to the many foreign travelers, and residents of Angeles City, many of whom use Clark International and it’s daily flights as a hub.

The ban will also affect the already fractured economy of the city.

Hong Kongers and residents with PR (permant residency) can at least take solace in being massive tax breaks, and cash handouts of over PHP 65,000.

Alas this does not affect any of the DH (domestic helper) workers from the Philippines, many of whom are being denied their one day off in the name of “safety”.

There is currently no confirmed date for the end of the temporary ban.