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Hanging in Korea Town – Angeles City

Angeles City is famous for a lot of things, there’s the current Air Force base, there was a big volcano many years ago, and there used to be an American Air Force base, which means there are girls, lots of girls, too.

But aside from the girly bars, believe it or not, Angeles has an awful lot more going for it. 

Firstly, The Philippines might not exactly be famous for its food, but Angeles is actually considered the culinary capital of the country, and to be fair in terms of the range of restaurants, it is only outdone by perhaps Manila.

Secondly, as a former colony of Spain and the USA, Filipinos do a great job of assimilating other cultures, so when more and more Koreans started moving to Angeles to do business, a thriving Koreatown emerged. A place that culinary is a fabulous addition to the city.

Koreatown is located on Friendship road where the Jolibee intersects with the long road of girly bars that leads down to Walking Street and the legendary Fields Avenue.

What can you get in Koreatown? The road is filled to the brim with convenience stores and supermarkets, usually with names such as Kims-Mart, that sell Korean goods. Obviously, this makes it a great (and cheap) place to pick up Soju, and Kimchi. There are also “Korean Style” Karaoke, and massage parlors, but the highlight is the restaurants.

Also, all variations can be found in Koreatown, with Korean BBQ, beer, as well as unlimited shabu-shabu, being the favourites. Sadly the restaurants seem to change owners more often than you’d like, and finding a favourite place is for a limited time only. 

And for the drinks? There are a few good bars in Korea Town, but again these changes like the wind. One constant though is soju, which at 250 a bottle ($5) makes it by far the best bang for your buck if you just want to get hammered!

Whatever your reason for coming to Angeles City, Koreatown makes a fabulous change from the crazy crowds of Fields Avenue.