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Freelancers rescued in Angeles City

“Personnel of Angeles City Tourism Auxiliary and Angeles City Police Office inspect Fields Avenue on November 23, rescuing some freelance entertainers. This is part of Angeles City Mayor/Major Carmelo ‘Pogi’ Lazatin Jr.’s campaign to end prostitution in the City. —Photos by Mike Lising”

Freelancers in Ángeles City
freelance entertainers in Angeles City
Freelancers in Ángeles
Freelancers in Ángeles

I’ll mostly just leave this here…

But a few points, the major would like to end prostitution in Ángeles City. Well, there’s a huge place called Fields Avenue. Freelance entertainers has been arrested. I assume freelancers (which by very definition means no boss), don’t give money to bars, who don’t give money to the government.

Call it what it is, tax Dodgers arrested.