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Dengue can be sexually transmitted

If the recent outbreak of Dengue fever has not been enough to worry you, apparently you can now catch it from sex as well as mosquito bites.

GMA news of Spain recently reported that dengue fever remains in the blood and urine for 23 days, but in male semen for up to 37 days.

The Spanish citizen was allegedly infected by his male Cuban lover, despite not being exposed directly to the dengue virus.

Whilst this is the first confirmed case of the fever being transmitted through sex, with the increasing rise of the HIV virus in the Philippines, it is another clear reason to be vigilant with sexual partners.

Whether the Philippines managed to get the dengue level down through keeping the environment clean, or managed to halt the spread of AIDS, safe sex is still the best guard against STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

In this case, might be best to ignore the Pope.