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Coronavirus – staying safe

Whilst there have only been two cases of coronavirus reported in the Philippines (so far), it is still very important for everyone in Angeles City to remain vigilant.

As a precautionary measure all flights bound from Wuhan to the Philippines have been suspended, and all other flights from China will be under extra scrutiny from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Of course extra scrutiny merely means filling out a health form, and have a temperature ray gun pointed at your head.

The obvious hope is that it all goes away like a bad dream, but the reality is if the outbreak does hit the Philipoines, local health services are woefully ill equipped to deal with the virus.

And although there have been no deaths in the Philippines (yet) the deaths that have occurred in China have all been in older people, AKA 90 percent of the clientele of walking street.

There’s no panic yet, but keep clean, vigilant and thoughtful to your fellow humans, if people had done that in Wuhan we wouldn’t be where we are now.