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Clark International Airport Lounge

When Duterte first began his reign of terror against the smokers of the Philippines I assumed airports would be an obvious choice. In fact, most airports still have smoking areas, although you have to pay in some form or another.

There are two smoking areas at Clark International, both of which are to the right as you reach the second floor via the escalators.

The “smoking room” has an entrance of 500 PHP, or there’s the lounge, which is free to Priority Pass members, or you can enter for about 1000 PHP on the day.

Clark International Airport
Priority pass lounge at Clark International Airport

The lounge is fairly funny as lounges go. There’s a smoking area which is 2/3 larger than actual lounge, and a lounge with food, coke, and SM light.

food at Clark International Airport
Food at Clark International

Food is simple, to say the least, and very Filipino in style. Drinks-wise you’re only supposed to drink two beers, and not go crazy on the whiskey, but there’s literally no staff.

In fact, this is basically a smoking room with a bar attached. I wouldn’t want to pay money to go here, but if you have Priority Pass or free access, Clark VIP lounge is a good place to hang out and have a whiskey or two.