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Blue Taxis in – Trikes out

For years there was always something drastically missing for a city as big as Ángeles , and that was a reliable taxi service. Obviously we’ve had GrabTaxi for a while, but alas it did not inspire a Rebel Alliance against the Trike Driving Mafia off Ángeles. But now the Blue Taxis have arrived, and they have meters!!! Now a ride that might cost anywhere between 150-250 Peso, depending on the time of night, and of course mood of the trike driver will come in at under 200 PHP. Now there are many reasons why a taxi service is great news for Angeles, such as ease of getting to the airport, and room to bring home your groceries, but most importantly not having to deal with trike drivers. Trike drivers in Angeles are jerks. Sadly the crab mentality has hit immediately with the trike drivers rebelling against their more popular blue cousins, with

Islands for sale – Malaipo Island Palawan

For over a year I’ve been lucky enough to be able to take trips around the planet to look at islands. The boat to Malaipo The short answer to why I’m doing this is that I head an investment group called IBG Inc. our MO being to buy an island, and to run it as a business. Without wanting to stare the obvious, The Philippines got a lot of islands, so inevitably our paths would cross. Palawan is regularly voted the best island in the world, so a great place to start looking. I hit up some contacts, and was eventually led to Malaipo Island. House on Malaipo Island It is located in Palawan, around halfway between El Nido, and Puerto Princessa, and my word is it big. Unlike the many tiny islands we’d looked at, Malaipo was big enough for serious infrastructure, probably a football field, and already had two dwellings on

Dengue can be sexually transmitted

If the recent outbreak of Dengue fever has not been enough to worry you, apparently you can now catch it from sex as well as mosquito bites. GMA news of Spain recently reported that dengue fever remains in the blood and urine for 23 days, but in male semen for up to 37 days. The Spanish citizen was allegedly infected by his male Cuban lover, despite not being exposed directly to the dengue virus. Whilst this is the first confirmed case of the fever being transmitted through sex, with the increasing rise of the HIV virus in the Philippines, it is another clear reason to be vigilant with sexual partners. Whether the Philippines managed to get the dengue level down through keeping the environment clean, or managed to halt the spread of AIDS, safe sex is still the best guard against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. In this case, might be best to

Clark International Airport Lounge

When Duterte first began his reign of terror against the smokers of the Philippines I assumed airports would be an obvious choice. In fact most airports still have smoking areas, although you have to pay in some form or another. There are two smoking areas at Clark International, both of which are to the right as you reach the second floor via the escalators. The “smoking room” has an entrance of 500 PHP, or there’s the lounge, which is free to Priority Pass members, or you can enter for about 1000 PHP on the day. Priority pass lounge at Clark International Airport The lounge is fairly funny as lounges go. There’s a smoking area which is 2/3 larger than actual lounge, and a lounge with food, coke, and SM light. Food at Clark International Food is simple, to say the least and very Filipino in style. Drinks wise you’re only supposed to

Tanduay Ice and Friends

For those of us who have spent some time in the Philippines, it is more than likely that we would have had at least one or two dalliances with the national treasure that is Tanduay Rum. Believe it or not, (and you have seen the advertisements) Tanduay claims to be the best rum in the world. But, aside from rum, Tanduay makes the whole host of other great (and not so great products). Starting with Tanduay Ice. Long before the fairly putrid San Miguel Apple hit the shelves (worth its own blog entirely) the first alcopop to hit the shelves in the Philippines was Tanduay Ice, retroactively to be referred to as Tanduay Ice White. Tanduay White is basically a knockoff of legendary teenage drinkers drink Smirnoff Ice (yes, we have all been there). Tanduay White is actually a pretty decent knockoff of Smirnoff, and on a hot day can be necked in

We will never be Royal – FantaQuest Philippines

I like Fanta a lot, and for a lot of reasons. Obviously, Fanta in its truest form is Orange Fanta, a drink invented by the Nazis. The Nazis you say? Have we already reached Godwin's law? We have not, this is a mere anecdote, but when the Germans couldn’t get their coke syrup they used locally sourced produce. Oranges were one, and thus Fanta was born. It stayed popular after the war, so Coca-Cola being who they are brought Fanta, and it is now part of the evil empire.  But, there is much more to Fanta than mere orange! When you travel around the world there are Fanta’s of all different flavours, from watermelon to mango, all depending on the local country. Fun fact I found is a glass-bottled Fanta tonic water in Belize, but once again I digress. What does this have to do with Royal? Well, on my first trip

Sarsi, Sarsi, what is Sarsi?

I remember going into a local store in Shenzhen, one that usually had an array of different drinks and almost losing my shit when I saw Sarsi. Sarsi is one of my favorite drinks from the Philippines. How did it end up in China? But more importantly what exactly is Sarsi? Let’s talk about that! Sarsi comes from the Sarsaparilla family of drinks, which much like Coca-Cola, started as pseudo-science health drinks, but later developed into well, basically a soft-drink. Much like Royal, Sarsi had its roots in the Philippines. Sarsi is made by the Cosmos Bottling Corporation that was formed as Manila Aerated Water Company in 1918. Obviously and like every other popular drink company in the world, they are now a subsidiary of Coca-Cola, but Sarsi at least is indigenous to the Philippines. As legend say (well more opinion), another drink that has the unique taste of Sarsi compared to

LA Café – the Bar that really does never sleep

Whilst this site is about the wonderful joys of Angeles City, Angeles, and Ermita Manila are spiritual cousins, and whilst Angeles has Fields, Ermita has the legend and that is LA Café slap bang in the middle of it all. LA Café certainly isn’t the only girly bar in Ermita, frankly, the place is littered with them, but what separates LA Café from the rest is that whilst all other bars have GRO’s (Guest Relation Officers) who receive their bar fine (early release fee), LA Café is full of independent ladies that like to control their own affairs as it were. And over a 24-hour period, I at least have never seen a situation where the women do not outnumber the men by at least 2-1. A man never needs to feel lonely at LA Café. The current layout of the bar has a new kind of annex on the other side

Hanging in Korea Town – Angeles City

Angeles City is famous for a lot of things, there’s the current Air Force base, there was a big volcano many years ago, and there used to be an American Air Force base, which means there are girls, lots of girls, too. But aside from the girly bars, believe it or not, Angeles has an awful lot more going for it.  Firstly, The Philippines might not exactly be famous for its food, but Angeles is actually considered the culinary capital of the country, and to be fair in terms of the range of restaurants, it is only outdone by perhaps Manila. Secondly, as a former colony of Spain and the USA, Filipinos do a great job of assimilating other cultures, so when more and more Koreans started moving to Angeles to do business, a thriving Koreatown emerged. A place that culinary is a fabulous addition to the city. Koreatown is located on Friendship road