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5 Reasons to hold your bachelor party in Angeles City

Over the last few years with the war on drugs, and other bits and bobs, the Philippines to some, has lost some of its party charms. To us though it's still more “Fun In The Philippines”, and the most fun place is still Angeles City. If you are thinking of holding your stag or bachelor party in the Philippines, here’s our 5 top reasons why we think you should be holding it in Angeles City. 1) The best Bars in the Philippines  Angeles and Walking Street on Fields Avenue are exactly what you need for a stag party. Girly bars, happy hours, and a buzz like nowhere else in the Philippines. Burgas Street is nothing compared to here.  2) The best food in the Philippines  Pampanga, and thus Angeles City are the culinary capitals of the Philippines, and whether you are looking for local, or international fare Angeles City has it all, and

What is bar fine Philippines?

What is the lowdown on the GRO’s in AC? Here’s the guide to the weird language of the party bars of Angeles City. The Philippines might be a staunchly Catholic country, such as with condoms and gay people, but when it comes to girly bars they exist loud and proud throughout the country. Now for obvious reasons, let’s use Angeles City as our case in point. And Fields Avenue in particular (girl bar central).  When you enter a bar in Angeles City you will spy many scantily clad girls dancing (very slow and bored) to bad Filipino pop music. You then sit down and grab yourself a drink. Now let’s say you are hypothetically watching her dancing for purely aesthetic reasons, and you catch the eye of one of the girls working. She is known as a GRO, or guest relations officer (how posh), and if you beckon her over, she will happily take

Tanduay Ice and Friends

For those of us who have spent some time in the Philippines, it is more than likely that we would have had at least one or two dalliances with the national treasure that is Tanduay Rum. Believe it or not, (and you have seen the advertisements) Tanduay claims to be the best rum in the world. But, aside from rum, Tanduay makes the whole host of other great (and not so great products). Starting with Tanduay Ice. Long before the fairly putrid San Miguel Apple hit the shelves (worth its own blog entirely) the first alcopop to hit the shelves in the Philippines was Tanduay Ice, retroactively to be referred to as Tanduay Ice White. Tanduay White is basically a knockoff of legendary teenage drinkers drink Smirnoff Ice (yes, we have all been there). Tanduay White is actually a pretty decent knockoff of Smirnoff, and on a hot day can be necked in

Angeles Guide – Aqua Beach Club

Angeles City might be the party epicenter of the Philippines, but when it comes to nightclubs, they are not only few and far between, but there are basically two of them. High Society on Walking Street, and the newest Aqua Beach Club, part of the legendary Angeles Beach Club (ABC) Hotel.  Spoiler alert, we think Aqua Beach Club is by far the best club in Angeles, but let’s do a bit of foreplay and review it first. Aqua Beach Club is a rooftop bar, club, and pool atop of the best hotel (and restaurant) in Angeles, ABC Hotel. There’s still talk of a Hilton being opened in Clark, but until that time, no other hotel even holds a candle to Angeles Beach Club.  For a rooftop bar, the venue is extremely spacious, being spread over 3 floors, and featuring the pool (obviously), a DJ booth, pavilions for the female dancers, a spacious bar,

Beginners Guide to Angeles Nightlife

There are many reasons to go to Angeles City, for example, it is the culinary capital of the Philippines (not all that much competition to be fair), but it is also the capital city of nightlife in the Philippines (yes Manila that includes you). So, it’s your first time visiting the city of sin, Angeles City, and you have no idea where to go and what to do? Here’s the idiot's guide (that’s you) to partying in Angeles City. Where’s the party in Angeles City? OK, so whilst there is party galore around Angeles City, the main place to be is Fields Avenue, and more specifically Walking Street. There’s restaurants, bars, girly bars, and lots to look at! What are the best bars on Walking Street? The Wolfpack set of bars are all owned by the same company and consists of … (insert later). They have the best service, best prices, and are the most entertaining. Best