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The Subic Bay Party Guide

Manila might have the quality (at top dollar), and Fields Avenue in Angeles City might have the quantity (but no beach), but if you are looking for a place with a great beach, good restaurants and bars, as well as top clubs to meet girls then Olongapo, and Subic Bay is the perfect place to be. How to get from Angeles City to Subic Bay The best and easiest way to get to Subic Bay is via a few days partying in Angeles City. Companies such as GNTours can arrange party weekends around Walking Street and Fields Avenue in Angeles City. There is a public bus, but if you don't want to share with chickens, and have no AC then take the Southern Cross charter bus for PHP 500 that leaves every day from the Brassed Knob Hotel (next to Angeles Beach Club Hotel) on Fields Avenue. 9 am – Angeles City (Brassed Knob) –

Angeles Guide – Aqua Beach Club

Angeles City might be the party epicenter of the Philippines, but when it comes to nightclubs, they are not only few and far between, but there are basically two of them. High Society on Walking Street, and the newest Aqua Beach Club, part of the legendary Angeles Beach Club (ABC) Hotel.  Spoiler alert, we think Aqua Beach Club is by far the best club in Angeles, but let’s do a bit of foreplay and review it first. Aqua Beach Club is a rooftop bar, club, and pool atop of the best hotel (and restaurant) in Angeles, ABC Hotel. There’s still talk of a Hilton being opened in Clark, but until that time, no other hotel even holds a candle to Angeles Beach Club.  For a rooftop bar, the venue is extremely spacious, being spread over 3 floors, and featuring the pool (obviously), a DJ booth, pavilions for the female dancers, a spacious bar,

Beginners Guide to Angeles Nightlife

There are many reasons to go to Angeles City, for example, it is the culinary capital of the Philippines (not all that much competition to be fair), but it is also the capital city of nightlife in the Philippines (yes Manila that includes you). So, it’s your first time visiting the city of sin, Angeles City, and you have no idea where to go and what to do? Here’s the idiot's guide (that’s you) to partying in Angeles City. Where’s the party in Angeles City? OK, so whilst there is party galore around Angeles City, the main place to be is Fields Avenue, and more specifically Walking Street. There’s restaurants, bars, girly bars, and lots to look at! What are the best bars on Walking Street? The Wolfpack set of bars are all owned by the same company and consists of … (insert later). They have the best service, best prices, and are the most entertaining. Best

LA Café – the Bar that really does never sleep

Whilst this site is about the wonderful joys of Angeles City, Angeles, and Ermita Manila are spiritual cousins, and whilst Angeles has Fields, Ermita has the legend and that is LA Café slap bang in the middle of it all. LA Café certainly isn’t the only girly bar in Ermita, frankly, the place is littered with them, but what separates LA Café from the rest is that whilst all other bars have GRO’s (Guest Relation Officers) who receive their bar fine (early release fee), LA Café is full of independent ladies that like to control their own affairs as it were. And over a 24-hour period, I at least have never seen a situation where the women do not outnumber the men by at least 2-1. A man never needs to feel lonely at LA Café. The current layout of the bar has a new kind of annex on the other side

Angeles City Pub Crawl

There’s a joke about the difference between English and American drinking games, namely that Americans like to do stuff like beer pong, whilst Brits and Aussies have a game where everyone drinks and the last one to pass out wins. With this in mind, we do not suggest reinventing the wheel over a pub crawl, after all, it is fairly simple, you go through the bars of Walking Street, and well you drink. Although not everyone who comes to Angeles comes with chums, and for those who come as a group, they might want something a little jazzier. With this in mind, our friends at the Stag and Bachelor party specialists GNTours offer an Angeles Pub crawl special.  On their pub crawl, you get discounted rates at every Wolfpack bar, as well as 6 beers and 6 shots, before finishing with a private pool party with whichever friends you have met on the way. The price depends