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Blue Rock Resort – Subic Bay

Blue rock resort is one of the many resorts that litter Baloy Long Beach of Subic Bay. I’ve never stayed here, as it’s beachside rooms inflate the price compared to say, Wild Orchid. It also has a swimming pool that is so small to deem it pointless. Blue Rock Resort It does though have a great beachside restaurant! Located at the far side of the beach on the road leading up to bar street, Blue Rock has amazing big set up of tables facing the ocean. The menu is a little bit overbearing, having literally hundreds of dishes (such as Mexican), but if you know what to order, you’re gonna have a good day. It’s all about the seafood at Blue Rock, Subic, with yellow and blue fin tuna, lots of local fish, and amazing oysters. My personal welcome of choice when I order here are blue fin tuna sashimi, kinilaw

Wild Orchid – Subic Bay

Wild Orchid is one of the best hotels in Angeles City, and probably the best in Subic Bay. Wild Orchid isn’t exactly on the Baloy Lomg Beach, but it’s near enough the good restaurants, the beach, and of course the big street with all the bars of Barrio Barretto As well as the poolside bar (Scalliwags) there’s a second indoor bar called Moby Dicks, and of course the best damned swimming pool in Subic Bay. Wild Orchid - Subic Bay The poolside bar (Scalliwags Bar) doesn’t require you to be resident in the hotel, and they make a whole heap of great cocktails. Their Bloody Mary will quench any hangover. Bloody Mary at Wild Orchid There’s a range of rooms, which are usually cheaper on the door than by booking online that start from about $60 a night. Fly the bus to Angeles City also leaves from here. Room rates at Wild Orchid,,

(old) Faming Bar

To be declared the worst at something is almost as hard as being the best, it takes effort. If the Old Flaming Bar isn’t the worst bar in Angeles City, please tell me what is. Angeles is rightly famous for its pretty girls in their girly bars. But, what happens when said girls are too old even for Subic Bay? Are they sent out to pasture? No, they are send to Old Flaming Bar. Flaming is situated almost opposite the Wild Orchid Hotel, not all that far from crack alley (which has now been gentrified) and consists of ladies who should have long since retired beconing in punters and offering their wares. Let’s just say that compared to other bars everything here is cheaper, except for the drinks..... If you’re shopping on a budget, you may well like it here, or if you kind of want to just “go on safari”. Ironically it used to

Score Birds -Angeles City

Score Birds in Angeles City is most famous for its hotel, and of course it’s Saturday Bikini competition! But Scorebirds also has a great little bar and restaurant, that make a very nice change from fields. The bar área is located over two floors, with drink prices being on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The food menú is classic fare, with the nachos being particularly good. Score Birds Hotel nachos Most nights you can be assured of a quiet chilled evening at the bar, although are known to do the odd film night, and of course there’s the infamous bikini contest. Every Saturday between 2-6pm all the prettiest girls from the bars of Ángeles City coverage on the swimming area to decide the best of the best. It’s 500 entry (consumables), and is a rather pleasant way to spend a Saturday. Bikini competition at Score Birds Hotel Scorebirds Hotel is also decently priced,

Shooterz Bar – Angeles City

One of the longest running and most iconic bars of Walking Street, Shooterz has been a favourite of tourists and expats alike for a long time. Shooterz was formerly known as the DMZ Bar, but in its current incarnation is part of the “Wolfpack” Group, hence why it is one of the best. It’s located about halfway down walking street, and is unmissable due to its large neon sign, and the pretty stationed outside to pull the punters in. Shooterz Bar - Fields Avenue The bar itself is relatively small, but by placing the stage dead center, and surrounding it with stools, you are right in the thick of the action. The stage fits about 6-8 pretty dancers 👯‍♀️ on it, who are a little more animated that some other establishments. Prices here are extremely reasonable, with a happy hour local drink setting you back PHP 75, a girly drink 225,

Best bar in Koreatown Angeles – W-Bar

I’ll start this blog with a few caveats, W-Bar is the only bar in the whole of Korea Town, Angeles. It is not the best bar in Angeles City (more bar blogs to come). But, being the only bar might mean it is by default the best bar, but that does not also make it a bad place. W-Bar in Koreatown, Angeles In South Korea (and even North Korea) there is a strong pseudo bar culture. Microbrewers are now the norm, and chicken and hoff (beer) joints have been doing the rounds in Seoul for a long time.  W- Bar is different, essentially it is the lone Filipino bar with Korean characteristics, that for some reason has managed to avoid the boom and bust culture that is Koreatown, Angeles. Located on the third floor near the BPI bank, and surrounded by Korean massage, money exchangers and a revolving door of restaurants W- Bar has

5 Reasons to hold your bachelor party in Angeles City

Over the last few years with the war on drugs, and other bits and bobs, the Philippines to some, has lost some of its party charms. To us though it's still more “Fun In The Philippines”, and the most fun place is still Angeles City. If you are thinking of holding your stag or bachelor party in the Philippines, here’s our 5 top reasons why we think you should be holding it in Angeles City. 1) The best Bars in the Philippines  Angeles and Walking Street on Fields Avenue are exactly what you need for a stag party. Girly bars, happy hours, and a buzz like nowhere else in the Philippines. Burgas Street is nothing compared to here.  2) The best food in the Philippines  Pampanga, and thus Angeles City are the culinary capitals of the Philippines, and whether you are looking for local, or international fare Angeles City has it all, and

What is bar fine Philippines?

What is the lowdown on the GRO’s in AC? Here’s the guide to the weird language of the party bars of Angeles City. The Philippines might be a staunchly Catholic country, such as with condoms and gay people, but when it comes to girly bars they exist loud and proud throughout the country. Now for obvious reasons, let’s use Angeles City as our case in point. And Fields Avenue in particular (girl bar central).  When you enter a bar in Angeles City you will spy many scantily clad girls dancing (very slow and bored) to bad Filipino pop music. You then sit down and grab yourself a drink. Now let’s say you are hypothetically watching her dancing for purely aesthetic reasons, and you catch the eye of one of the girls working. She is known as a GRO, or guest relations officer (how posh), and if you beckon her over, she will happily take

Tanduay Ice and Friends

For those of us who have spent some time in the Philippines, it is more than likely that we would have had at least one or two dalliances with the national treasure that is Tanduay Rum. Believe it or not, (and you have seen the advertisements) Tanduay claims to be the best rum in the world. But, aside from rum, Tanduay makes the whole host of other great (and not so great products). Starting with Tanduay Ice. Long before the fairly putrid San Miguel Apple hit the shelves (worth its own blog entirely) the first alcopop to hit the shelves in the Philippines was Tanduay Ice, retroactively to be referred to as Tanduay Ice White. Tanduay White is basically a knockoff of legendary teenage drinkers drink Smirnoff Ice (yes, we have all been there). Tanduay White is actually a pretty decent knockoff of Smirnoff, and on a hot day can be necked in

Eating and drinking in Subic Bay

When it comes to beaches, the Philippines is somewhat talented, with Cebu and Boracay being very much on the tourist radar, and Palawan getting voted the world’s best island pretty much every year, but some of the real gems are the lesser-known ones, and Subic Bay is one of my favourites. Subic Bay and the town of Olongapo are the naval base sister to Angeles City. For those of you not in the know about Angeles, it was previously a US Air Force base during the cold war, a city of sin developed around it, and now Angeles is one of the main party and girly bar bases in the whole country. Subic Bay and Olongapo are an hour’s drive away from Angeles City and mark the nearest beach resort to Angeles. Back in the day, Subic Bay hosted an American naval base, and would you guess it? Girly bars then