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First Suspected case of coronavirus in Angeles City

Although unconfirmed there are now reports of at least one case of coronavirus in Angeles City. Our sources tell us that one Chinese patient at an as yet unnamed hospital in Angeles has shown symptoms of the virus and has been moved to a segregated unit of the hospital. Whilst it is again important to emphasise that the case is unconfirmed, if it does turn out to be a coronavirus infection it will bring into question government policy of still allowing not only planes from China, but also Hong Kong and Macao to still be allowed to land at Clark International Airport. Now might be the time to forget the current spat with the USA on visas, and concentrate on the health of residents and citizens alike. UPDATE according to a doctor affiliated with AUF the patient tested negative to coronavirus

Coronavirus – staying safe

Whilst there have only been two cases of coronavirus reported in the Philippines (so far), it is still very important for everyone in Angeles City to remain vigilant. As a precautionary measure all flights bound from Wuhan to the Philippines have been suspended, and all other flights from China will be under extra scrutiny from the Civil Aviation Authority. Of course extra scrutiny merely means filling out a health form, and have a temperature ray gun pointed at your head. The obvious hope is that it all goes away like a bad dream, but the reality is if the outbreak does hit the Philipoines, local health services are woefully ill equipped to deal with the virus. And although there have been no deaths in the Philippines (yet) the deaths that have occurred in China have all been in older people, AKA 90 percent of the clientele of walking street. There’s

Blue Taxis in – Trikes out

For years there was always something drastically missing for a city as big as Ángeles , and that was a reliable taxi service. Obviously we’ve had GrabTaxi for a while, but alas it did not inspire a Rebel Alliance against the Trike Driving Mafia off Ángeles. But now the Blue Taxis have arrived, and they have meters!!! Now a ride that might cost anywhere between 150-250 Peso, depending on the time of night, and of course mood of the trike driver will come in at under 200 PHP. Now there are many reasons why a taxi service is great news for Angeles, such as ease of getting to the airport, and room to bring home your groceries, but most importantly not having to deal with trike drivers. Trike drivers in Angeles are jerks. Sadly the crab mentality has hit immediately with the trike drivers rebelling against their more popular blue cousins, with

Pampanga Food Street

Clark Freeport now has its very own genuine Food Street to sample the best cuisine of Pampanga. Created by the Clark Development Corporation ánd located on Cardinal Santos Street, next the grounds currently hosting the Rugby portion of the SEA Games. The street, which has been open since late 2018 has cuisines from across Asia, as well as Filipino favourites like Inihaw, lechon, and everyone’s favourite desert halo-halo. Inihaw at Pampanga Food Street Alas getting to Pampanga Food Street will require you having your own vehicle, as taxis and trikes are not allowed in the grounds. During the current south-east Asian Games there is also a fair, and live music on most nights. A very pleasant addition to the Angeles City restaurant and food scene. I

Shooterz Bar – Angeles City

One of the longest running and most iconic bars of Walking Street, Shooterz has been a favourite of tourists and expats alike for a long time. Shooterz was formerly known as the DMZ Bar, but in its current incarnation is part of the “Wolfpack” Group, hence why it is one of the best. It’s located about halfway down walking street, and is unmissable due to its large neon sign, and the pretty stationed outside to pull the punters in. Shooterz Bar - Fields Avenue The bar itself is relatively small, but by placing the stage dead center, and surrounding it with stools, you are right in the thick of the action. The stage fits about 6-8 pretty dancers 👯‍♀️ on it, who are a little more animated that some other establishments. Prices here are extremely reasonable, with a happy hour local drink setting you back PHP 75, a girly drink 225,

Tickets for SEA Games now free

Credit where credit is due! After the shit show that was the start of the 30th SEA Games (see here) President Duterte has now announced tickets for the 56 events will now be free of charge. Tickets for Philippines football and basketball matches have already run out, and will not be reimbursed. Amazingly 10,000 tickets to the closing ceremony will be given our freely to the masses, as well as 15,000 to volunteers. Hopefully it doesn’t just become a huge rxercise in scalping... Alas tickets for the opening ceremony are already sold out. How said free tickets will be distributed is anyone’s guess, but officially at least priority will be given to educational facilities. And who said there was no such thing as a free lunch!

South-East Asian games officially not going great

Organisers of the 30th South-East Asian games have officially apologised after football teams were made to sleep on the floor, lack of halal food, and athletes going hungry. Alan Cayetano, chair of the games tried to remedy the situation by saying “sorry”. Alas without offering any concrete plans on how to fix anything. Half of all local netizens have been slamming the organisation, whilst the other accuse them of not being unpatriotic. Singapore’s chief mission, Juliana Seow basically released a statement saying “sort your shit out”, with Vietnam piping in by complaining about the tiny food portions. To add insult to injury no one knows the score of the opening football match between Burma and Malaysia, as there wasn’t even a scoreboard. President Duterte has distanced himself from the chaos and instead placed the blame squarely at the feet of Cayetano. Rumours of drug pushers, and users of e-cigarettes also being blamed

Freelancers rescued in Angeles City

“Personnel of Angeles City Tourism Auxiliary and Angeles City Police Office inspect Fields Avenue on November 23, rescuing some freelance entertainers. This is part of Angeles City Mayor/Major Carmelo 'Pogi' Lazatin Jr.'s campaign to end prostitution in the City. ---Photos by Mike Lising” Freelancers in Ángeles Freelancers in Ángeles Freelancers in Ángeles I’ll mostly just leave this here.... But a few points, the major would like to end prostitution in Ángeles City. Well there’s a huge place called Fields Avenue. Freelancers have been arrested. I assume freelancers (which by very definition means no boss), don’t give money to bars, who don’t give money to the government. Call it what it is, tax Dodgers arrested.

Wan Chai Sunday

Good old Honkers might be up in flames every other day, but in Wan Chai the party never stops, particularly on a Sunday. Heading to Wan Chai If you’ve never been to Hong Kong (or indeed Wan Chai), I’ll give the quick skinny. Hong Kong might be a city of many a bar, but the sleazy party place is Wan Chai. Wan Chai is a place with sports bars, strip joints, glorious street food, and indeed where no gentleman need ever go lonely. Many a Filipino, Indonesian, or various flavour of African “freelancer” plies their trade in and around the bars of Wan Chai. And then there’s the legend that is the Wan Chai Sunday. Hong Kong is a city state of domestic workers, usually from Indonesia and The Philippines. They get one day off (not night). That day is Sunday. Domestic Helper day off in Hong Kong Many of these ladies are

Islands for sale – Malaipo Island Palawan

For over a year I’ve been lucky enough to be able to take trips around the planet to look at islands. The boat to Malaipo The short answer to why I’m doing this is that I head an investment group called IBG Inc. our MO being to buy an island, and to run it as a business. Without wanting to stare the obvious, The Philippines got a lot of islands, so inevitably our paths would cross. Palawan is regularly voted the best island in the world, so a great place to start looking. I hit up some contacts, and was eventually led to Malaipo Island. House on Malaipo Island It is located in Palawan, around halfway between El Nido, and Puerto Princessa, and my word is it big. Unlike the many tiny islands we’d looked at, Malaipo was big enough for serious infrastructure, probably a football field, and already had two dwellings on