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Pampanga Food Street

Clark Freeport now has its very own genuine Food Street to sample the best cuisine of Pampanga. Created by the Clark Development Corporation ánd located on Cardinal Santos Street, next the grounds currently hosting the Rugby portion of the SEA Games. The street, which has been open since late 2018 has cuisines from across Asia, as well as Filipino favourites like Inihaw, lechon, and everyone’s favourite desert halo-halo. Inihaw at Pampanga Food Street Alas getting to Pampanga Food Street will require you having your own vehicle, as taxis and trikes are not allowed in the grounds. During the current south-east Asian Games there is also a fair, and live music on most nights. A very pleasant addition to the Angeles City restaurant and food scene. I

Clark International Airport Lounge

When Duterte first began his reign of terror against the smokers of the Philippines I assumed airports would be an obvious choice. In fact most airports still have smoking areas, although you have to pay in some form or another. There are two smoking areas at Clark International, both of which are to the right as you reach the second floor via the escalators. The “smoking room” has an entrance of 500 PHP, or there’s the lounge, which is free to Priority Pass members, or you can enter for about 1000 PHP on the day. Priority pass lounge at Clark International Airport The lounge is fairly funny as lounges go. There’s a smoking area which is 2/3 larger than actual lounge, and a lounge with food, coke, and SM light. Food at Clark International Food is simple, to say the least and very Filipino in style. Drinks wise you’re only supposed to

5 Uniquely Filipino Foods

The Philippines might not be famous for its cuisine, but there are at least a few delicacies that are very unique to the country. Some will become firm favourites, whilst others, slightly less so. Here’s our top 5 must try foods of the Philippines 5) Calamansi I have no idea why this amazing fruit isn’t known outside of the country. It’s basically a tiny lime that is awesome with EVERYTHING. Fish, meat, and don’t even get me started on Gin. They also make a very decent soft drink from it. 4) Jolibee Jolibee is an institution and is by far the biggest fast-food restaurant in the country. McDonalds even copies them. Try their spaghetti, it’s not exactly Italian style... 3) Tamilok The Tamilok challenge Ok, so this is woodworm, and yes it tastes as bad as it looks. This dish is famous in Palawan, and like everything “good for the man”. A must try, but

McDo – McDonald’s in the Philippines

There are a few countries where McDonald's isn’t the main player when it comes to fast food. China is one of them, in China the Colonel reigns supreme, but in the Philippines, it is all about Jollibee.  When I first started traveling to the Philippines, I assumed that Jollibee was simply a McDonald's rip-off, but in fact, Jolibee beat McDonald's to the punch in the Philippines by a full 6 years.  The net result of this has been that fast food culture has developed its own slant in the Philippines, and rather than everyone copying McDonald's, essentially McDonald's has to copy Jollibee. And this has created a very amusing situation for visitors to McDonald's in the Philippines.  For anyone that has seen the founder, there’s a moment where Ray Kroc storms into a game of golf being played by some of his franchisees and asks why the hell McDonald's is serving fried chicken,

5 Reasons to hold your bachelor party in Angeles City

Over the last few years with the war on drugs, and other bits and bobs, the Philippines to some, has lost some of its party charms. To us though it's still more “Fun In The Philippines”, and the most fun place is still Angeles City. If you are thinking of holding your stag or bachelor party in the Philippines, here’s our 5 top reasons why we think you should be holding it in Angeles City. 1) The best Bars in the Philippines  Angeles and Walking Street on Fields Avenue are exactly what you need for a stag party. Girly bars, happy hours, and a buzz like nowhere else in the Philippines. Burgas Street is nothing compared to here.  2) The best food in the Philippines  Pampanga, and thus Angeles City are the culinary capitals of the Philippines, and whether you are looking for local, or international fare Angeles City has it all, and

Street Food in (backstreet) Angeles City

I’m gonna give Street Food of Angeles City its whole own article, but for now, I’ll shoot a quick piece out about backstreet Angeles, and in particular Deca, Clark. Deca is a new housing development about halfway between Clark International Airport, and the legend that is Fields Avenue. Houses here can be purchased on finance, and for cash at less than $25k for a 2 bedroom. I digress, but Deca is a very popular place to buy and is host to lots of expats and locals alike. As the years have gone on, dining options have improved somewhat (it is less than a 6-year-old development) and there is now a whole street littered with food and drink options. Here’s a guide to where to get your Street Eat in Deca, Angeles. 5) Filipino sausages – Longanisa  For some reason, Iceland thinks it has the best sausages in the world. It doesn’t, neither does the

Eating and drinking in Subic Bay

When it comes to beaches, the Philippines is somewhat talented, with Cebu and Boracay being very much on the tourist radar, and Palawan getting voted the world’s best island pretty much every year, but some of the real gems are the lesser-known ones, and Subic Bay is one of my favourites. Subic Bay and the town of Olongapo are the naval base sister to Angeles City. For those of you not in the know about Angeles, it was previously a US Air Force base during the cold war, a city of sin developed around it, and now Angeles is one of the main party and girly bar bases in the whole country. Subic Bay and Olongapo are an hour’s drive away from Angeles City and mark the nearest beach resort to Angeles. Back in the day, Subic Bay hosted an American naval base, and would you guess it? Girly bars then

Hanging in Korea Town – Angeles City

Angeles City is famous for a lot of things, there’s the current Air Force base, there was a big volcano many years ago, and there used to be an American Air Force base, which means there are girls, lots of girls, too. But aside from the girly bars, believe it or not, Angeles has an awful lot more going for it.  Firstly, The Philippines might not exactly be famous for its food, but Angeles is actually considered the culinary capital of the country, and to be fair in terms of the range of restaurants, it is only outdone by perhaps Manila. Secondly, as a former colony of Spain and the USA, Filipinos do a great job of assimilating other cultures, so when more and more Koreans started moving to Angeles to do business, a thriving Koreatown emerged. A place that culinary is a fabulous addition to the city. Koreatown is located on Friendship road