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Alaska Bar – Subic Bay

Alaska Bar/Club is located on National Highway, Barrio Baretto, Olongapo, Subic Bay, about halfway up the strip. We’re reviewing this bar simply because we went there, but it barely warrants any kind of mention. On entrance to Alaska Bar there were no other customers, one waitresses, and four very bored looking dancers. The waitress was extremely pushy with regards to drinks, and well pretty much everything. But as annoying as the waitress was, the dancers were even worse. Insulting, zero bants, and the reason we stayed for only 5 minutes. Maybe we caught Alaska Bar in a bad night, but I can only judge a horse on the races it’s run. Alaska Bar is the worst bar in Subic Bay. Don’t go to Alaska Bar Subic Bay!

Hotzone – Subic Bay

If you’re fresh off the boat in Olongapo then the place to get your party jollies in National Highway Barrio Baretto. It’s not exactly walking street (it is not pedestrianised at all), but it’s a street full of great bars to get down and dirty. Hot Zone is about halfway down the strip on 55 Barrio Baretto and without doubt one of the craziest bars on the strip. Toilet in Hot Zone The bar is owned, or at least managed by a cool American guy who seemed to be partying harder than anyone else (always a good sign for a bar). The waitresses at Hotzone are super cheeky, fun, but most importantly not overtly pushy on drinks. Partying in Hot Zone Effort has also been made with the dancers, who are all dressed in swimming costumes, and actually look like they want to be there. Hot Zone, Subic Bay Happy hour drinks are 75, regular drinks

Shooterz Bar – Angeles City

One of the longest running and most iconic bars of Walking Street, Shooterz has been a favourite of tourists and expats alike for a long time. Shooterz was formerly known as the DMZ Bar, but in its current incarnation is part of the “Wolfpack” Group, hence why it is one of the best. It’s located about halfway down walking street, and is unmissable due to its large neon sign, and the pretty stationed outside to pull the punters in. Shooterz Bar - Fields Avenue The bar itself is relatively small, but by placing the stage dead center, and surrounding it with stools, you are right in the thick of the action. The stage fits about 6-8 pretty dancers 👯‍♀️ on it, who are a little more animated that some other establishments. Prices here are extremely reasonable, with a happy hour local drink setting you back PHP 75, a girly drink 225,

Rugby League in the Philippines

Through success or failure, I have followed Filipino football/soccer. It has by far been mostly failure, but I did get to watch at least one good game in Manila between North Korea and the Philippines. I’ve always been a fan of Rugby League, but being a southern softie my chances at seeing a live game were few. I also now spend most of my time in China. There is no Rugby League in China. On my last trip back to England, I went to watch the London Broncos in their relegation dogfight (that they eventually lost) and there was a guy selling Rugby League shirts from around the world. Two grabbed my attention, Albania (as I had just been working there), and the Philippines. I honestly had no idea that had a team.  Philippine Rugby League Shirt The shirt cost me about $70, but is an amazing colour design (see photo), and it got

How to get to Palawan?

Palawan is perennially voted the best island in the world (I think it has been 6 years running now), being voted the world’s best island might infer that Palawan is tiny. In fact, Palawan is pretty damned huge. Therefore, where you plan to go to Palawan will massively affect how you want to get there.  Manila/Angeles to Puerto Princessa by flight The most popular way to get yourself to Palawan is to fly to the capital of the island Puerto Princessa (PP) as the cool kids call it. There are multiple islands with flights to Puerto Princessa, such as Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, and PAL. Check here for flights. PP is a decent enough city, but arriving here will leave you 6 or so hours drive from El Nido, and even further afield for getting to Coron. The main reason for coming to PP is to visit the Underground River, apparently one of the 7

Angeles Getaways – Currimao and Ilocos Norte

Currimao is a pleasant little seaside village located around 6 hours’ drive from Angeles City (traffic dependent). By itself, it is not all that much, but tag on Vigan, Batac, other nearby places and its worthwhile. Currimao itself is a village of around 13,000 people that features a long pristine beach mostly used by fishermen due to the “black sand”. In fact, the sand is not all that black, and it is one of the best untouched beaches I have personally found in the Philippines.  There are a few small cheaper resorts, but the main place to stay here is Playa (beach) Tropical Resort that has beach huts that can cost a few hundred dollars as well as normal rooms for about 50 dollars. The resort has a swimming pool that overlooks the sea and a bar cum restaurant. Standards here used to be amazing, but on our last trip the pool

San Fernando and the Passion of the Christ

Angeles City might well be the undisputed sin city of the Philippines, but what you might not realize is that there is a small town in Pampanga called San Fernando, which is 20-30 minutes' drive away from the hedonism of Fields Avenue. San Fernando, despite its closeness to Angeles, happens to host one of the most devout religious celebrations on earth, the Cutud Lenten Rites Festival. In case you are not aware of what the Cutud Lenten Rites festival is, let’s just say it puts a whole new meaning to getting nailed in the Philippines.  The festival is celebrated on Good Friday and involves people self-flagellating (whipping themselves with a whip), putting on a passion play, and well to cut a long story short, literally having themselves nailed to the cross Jesus style.  The whole affair starts early in the morning before ending with the mid-day sun and is kind of like a

5 Reasons to hold your bachelor party in Angeles City

Over the last few years with the war on drugs, and other bits and bobs, the Philippines to some, has lost some of its party charms. To us though it's still more “Fun In The Philippines”, and the most fun place is still Angeles City. If you are thinking of holding your stag or bachelor party in the Philippines, here’s our 5 top reasons why we think you should be holding it in Angeles City. 1) The best Bars in the Philippines  Angeles and Walking Street on Fields Avenue are exactly what you need for a stag party. Girly bars, happy hours, and a buzz like nowhere else in the Philippines. Burgas Street is nothing compared to here.  2) The best food in the Philippines  Pampanga, and thus Angeles City are the culinary capitals of the Philippines, and whether you are looking for local, or international fare Angeles City has it all, and

Alternate Days out – Angeles Wakeboard Park

There’s only so much time you can spend bar hopping on Fields, or eating in Koreatown, and sometimes we all need a bit of a change of pace. Deca Wakeboard Park, or to give it is official somewhat weird name of Deca Wake Park Clark (catchy eh) is a Wakeboarding park located in Deca Residences and Resort. It is located a mere 10 minutes drive from Fields Avenue on the road leading up to the Air Force Base, and Clark International Airport. Here’s our guide if you fancy getting yourself a bit sporty! What is wakeboarding? Wakeboarding is when you get strapped onto a wakeboard (like a skateboard without skates built for water), hold a rope and get pulled around doing jumps and stuff. Or more often than not just fall off.  How do I get there? Slap bang at the top of Clark Residences and Resort. There’s no public transport and you will need either

What is bar fine Philippines?

What is the lowdown on the GRO’s in AC? Here’s the guide to the weird language of the party bars of Angeles City. The Philippines might be a staunchly Catholic country, such as with condoms and gay people, but when it comes to girly bars they exist loud and proud throughout the country. Now for obvious reasons, let’s use Angeles City as our case in point. And Fields Avenue in particular (girl bar central).  When you enter a bar in Angeles City you will spy many scantily clad girls dancing (very slow and bored) to bad Filipino pop music. You then sit down and grab yourself a drink. Now let’s say you are hypothetically watching her dancing for purely aesthetic reasons, and you catch the eye of one of the girls working. She is known as a GRO, or guest relations officer (how posh), and if you beckon her over, she will happily take