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Blue Taxis in – Trikes out

For years there was always something drastically missing for a city as big as Ángeles , and that was a reliable taxi service. Obviously we’ve had GrabTaxi for a while, but alas it did not inspire a Rebel Alliance against the Trike Driving Mafia off Ángeles.

But now the Blue Taxis have arrived, and they have meters!!! Now a ride that might cost anywhere between 150-250 Peso, depending on the time of night, and of course mood of the trike driver will come in at under 200 PHP.

Now there are many reasons why a taxi service is great news for Angeles, such as ease of getting to the airport, and room to bring home your groceries, but most importantly not having to deal with trike drivers. Trike drivers in Angeles are jerks.

Sadly the crab mentality has hit immediately with the trike drivers rebelling against their more popular blue cousins, with intimidation, vandalism, and the usual crap you’d expect.

Hopefully the trike guys accept that change has arrived, and the taxi guys don’t suddenly turn into equally bad ass hats, but who knows..