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Blue Rock Resort – Subic Bay

Blue rock resort is one of the many resorts that litter Baloy Long Beach of Subic Bay. I’ve never stayed here, as it’s beachside rooms inflate the price compared to say, Wild Orchid. It also has a swimming pool that is so small to deem it pointless.

Blue Rock Resort

It does though have a great beachside restaurant! Located at the far side of the beach on the road leading up to bar street, Blue Rock has amazing big set up of tables facing the ocean.

The menu is a little bit overbearing, having literally hundreds of dishes (such as Mexican), but if you know what to order, you’re gonna have a good day.

It’s all about the seafood at Blue Rock, Subic, with yellow and blue fin tuna, lots of local fish, and amazing oysters. My personal welcome of choice when I order here are blue fin tuna sashimi, kinilaw (Filipino ceviche), garlic shrimp (huge), and the aforementioned oysters. To be fair though there’s enough on this menu to fit any palate.

Seafood feast at able Rock Resort

Drinks are very reasonable with a premium cocktail (like a Long Island) costing under 4 bucks, and a local vodka with pineapple being less than 2 dollars. In a group you can go a fish frenzy and still have change from a 20.

Then you’re ready for Barrio Barretto!