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Australian Damon Simms Arrested for Arson in Siem Reap

At around 8 pm on February 22nd 2019 Australian national Damon Simms was arrested at Gabbi’s Guest house in the centre of Siem Reap.

It is alleged that Mr Simms had gotten into an altercation with his wife over his constant use of narcotics and upon her informing him that she was leaving him entered into a fit of rage.

The rage led him to burning a number of his possessions as well as the pool table at the guest house. Quite what the pool table had done to deserve that no one really knows.

The fire was quickly put out, but still managed to cause considerable damage to the leased property.

Mr Simms was previously a resident of La Union in the Philippines, as well as a frequent visitor to Angeles City. He was also a past owner of Philippines Lifestyle News, the former parent company to this website, before eventually leaving.

He eventually left the Philippines under somewhat dubious circumstances, with an American associate of his in Cambodia stating it was over his drug use. It should be noted that if this was the case he was perhaps lucky to have left with his life.

After leaving the Philippines our sources state he went into rehab, before having the guesthouse and bistro purchased for him in Siem Reap. He was eventually joined by his wife and child, with the business being named after his daughter.

Judging by their Trip Advisor reviews things started quite well, before taking an extremely sinister turn towards the end. You can read one particularly scathing review of Mr Simms here.

Damon Simms in Siem Reap

A local Korean resident who asked for her name to be withheld stated “There was often loud music coming from the place and it had a bad reputation. On the night he was arrested he looked crazy and high as a kite”.

Following his arrest, from which he could have faced up to 5 years in prison things get a little hazy, but it is assumed that some kind of fine was paid and he was eventually deported from Cambodia. A former friend of his reported that he was now blacklisted from both the Philippines and Cambodia.

After leaving Cambodia our sources have stated that returned, alone to New Zealand.

And the poor guesthouse? Alas it no longer offers rooms to rent, but there is a nice little Indian restaurant there, the current owners take pains to reiterate they have nothing to do with the “crazy Australian” and are simply trying to make a success of their business.