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Alternate Days out – Angeles Wakeboard Park

There’s only so much time you can spend bar-hopping on Fields, or eating in Koreatown, and sometimes we all need a bit of a change of pace.

Deca Wakeboard Park, or to give it is official somewhat weird name of Deca Wake Park Clark (catchy eh) is a Wakeboarding park located in Deca Residences and Resort. It is located a mere 10 minutes drive from Fields Avenue on the road leading up to the Air Force Base, and Clark International Airport.

Here’s our guide if you fancy getting yourself a bit sporty!

What is wakeboarding?

deca wakeboarding park

Wakeboarding is when you get strapped onto a wakeboard (like a skateboard without skates built for water), hold a rope and get pulled around doing jumps and stuff. Or more often than not just fall off. 

How do I get there?

Slap bang at the top of Clark Residences and Resort. There’s no public transport and you will need either a car or to take a trike.

What levels are there?

There are basically two levels, beginner and advanced, with them offering lessons on the easier track (is that the right word?), before moving onto the big bad more dangerous part.

Is it famous?

deca wakeboarding park
Deca Wakeboarding Park

Apparently, they held the 2015 world Wakeboarding championships here, which unless you lived in Deca then, or subscribe to really obscure ESPN channels are unlikely to have seen.

Deca Wakeboard Park and Wakeboarding sounds awful, is there anything else to do?

There is a bar and a restaurant, you can grab yourself a beer, and go and watch people fall off their wakeboard, which I personally find really amusing. There used to be a public pool, but the urine levels of it during after school hours seems to have forced it’s closure.

There seems to be one website about the place, which hasn’t been updated in years, alternatively just show up there, or call via the following;

+63 905 330 1013

+63 915 558 8488

Important update! The current SEA games are holding events at Deca Wakeboarding Park, with tickets available free of charge.