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Angeles Guide – Aqua Beach Club

Angeles City might be the party epicenter of the Philippines, but when it comes to nightclubs, they are not only few and far between, but there are basically two of them. High Society on Walking Street, and the newest Aqua Beach Club, part of the legendary Angeles Beach Club (ABC) Hotel. 

Spoiler alert, we think Aqua Beach Club is by far the best club in Angeles, but let’s do a bit of foreplay and review it first.

Aqua Beach Club is a rooftop bar, club, and pool atop of the best hotel (and restaurant) in Angeles, ABC Hotel. There’s still talk of a Hilton being opened in Clark, but until that time, no other hotel even holds a candle to Angeles Beach Club. 

For a rooftop bar, the venue is extremely spacious, being spread over 3 floors, and featuring the pool (obviously), a DJ booth, pavilions for the female dancers, a spacious bar, and private cabanas for those who really want to show off their wealth.  

Swimming is optional, but there are adequate changing facilities, and of course towels for those inclined (and thus plenty of scantily clad people). 

Price-wise, it is technically free entry, although there is a 500 peso consumables deposit required on entry, and if you flash a card at the cashiers, or indeed are staying at the ABC Hotel the deposit is waived. 

Getting through 500 pesos per person is not too hard as cocktails average around 250 a pop, not really bad when you consider the surroundings and service.

The minimum spend also gives it a slightly more upmarket overall clientele when compared with High Society, or the legend that is LA Café.

As for when to visit Aqua Beach Club? They run special themes every night of the week – see link, but generally speaking it all depends on the season.

Angeles City Party loves Aqua Beach Club!