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Angeles Getaways – Currimao and Ilocos Norte

Currimao is a pleasant little seaside village located around 6 hours’ drive from Angeles City (traffic dependent). By itself, it is not all that much, but tag on Vigan, Batac, other nearby places and its worthwhile.

Currimao itself is a village of around 13,000 people that features a long pristine beach mostly used by fishermen due to the “black sand”. In fact, the sand is not all that black, and it is one of the best-untouched beaches I have personally found in the Philippines. 

There are a few small cheaper resorts, but the main place to stay here is Playa (beach) Tropical Resort that has beach huts that can cost a few hundred dollars as well as normal rooms for about 50 dollars. The resort has a swimming pool that overlooks the sea and a bar cum restaurant.

Standards here used to be amazing, but on our last trip the pool was dirty, and the bar closed by ten, although it was possible to pay a bribe and get staff to go down the shops for you.

That being said a few nights here is still just about worth the money. 

Currimao also makes a great base camp for all the travel you can do around the area, such as Batac, Vigan, and Laoag.

Batac is the infamous home of great leaders and holds the Ferdinand Marcos museum as well as the former palace of the north, both of which really show the opulence of the Marcos dictatorship. 

Vigan is a fabulous colonial city with old churches, and a vibrant nightlife as well as local cuisine. The top dish to try here is the empanada Filipino style. 

And lastly, there’s Laoag which houses the sand dunes of the Philippines, where you can get on a quad bike and go crazy in the sand. I can’t say better than that.

This trip would be hell to do if you were using public transport, but if you have your own vehicle or a friend that does it works. 

Have you been around here? Did we miss anything out? Is Pagapud and its beaches worth a mention?