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Beginners Guide to Angeles Nightlife

There are many reasons to go to Angeles City, for example, it is the culinary capital of the Philippines (not all that much competition to be fair), but it is also the capital city of nightlife in the Philippines (yes Manila that includes you).

So, it’s your first time visiting the city of sin, Angeles City, and you have no idea where to go and what to do?

Here’s the idiot’s guide (that’s you) to partying in Angeles City.

Where’s the party in Angeles City?

OK, so whilst there is party galore around Angeles City, the main place to be is Fields Avenue, and more specifically Walking Street. There’s restaurants, bars, girly bars, and lots to look at!

What are the best bars on Walking Street?

The Wolfpack set of bars are all owned by the same company and consists of … (insert later). They have the best service, best prices, and are the most entertaining.

Best hotels in Angeles City?

It depends on your budget, but $110 a night for Angeles Beach Club, or as the cool kids call it ABC Hotel is probably my favourite hotel in the world. They do not mess here. Alternatively (and half the price) is Wild Orchid which also has the best swimming pool.

Best swimming pool in Angeles City?

See above – its Wild Orchid.

Best Sunday in Angeles City

On Sundays there’s a bikini competition at Scorebirds Hotel, they also have a fairly decent pool. 

Best food in Angeles City?

Oh, we could go on for days about this! And there will be many more food blogs coming, but Walking Street has lots of safe options, and ABC Hotel has by far the highest-end restaurant (in our humble opinion).

Best Club in Angeles City?

There’s High Society in Walking Street, but it’s meh, the best club is Aqua Beach Club, which not only has daily specials but is also above ABC Hotel. Do we need to say more?

That’s the starter guide to Angeles City, the rest you need to find for yourself, or just read our other articles. Your call.