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5 Uniquely Filipino Foods

The Philippines might not be famous for its cuisine, but there are at least a few delicacies that are very unique to the country. Some will become firm favourites, whilst others, slightly less so. Here’s our top 5 must try foods of the Philippines

5) Calamansi

I have no idea why this amazing fruit isn’t known outside of the country. It’s basically a tiny lime that is awesome with EVERYTHING. Fish, meat, and don’t even get me started on Gin. They also make a very decent soft drink from it.

4) Jolibee

Jolibee is an institution and is by far the biggest fast-food restaurant in the country. McDonalds even copies them. Try their spaghetti, it’s not exactly Italian style…

3) Tamilok

The Tamilok challenge

Ok, so this is woodworm, and yes it tastes as bad as it looks. This dish is famous in Palawan, and like everything “good for the man”. A must try, but only once.

2) Balut

It’s a fertilised duck egg, but as a gross at it sounds I actually love this stuff. Lots of salt and vinegar and then you basically neck it. Great drinking food.

1) Kinilaw

Spicy Kinilaw the ceviche of the Philippines

Essentially this is Filipino ceviche, but with the aforementioned Calamansi, this dish is the bomb. Many different fish are used, but spicy tuna kinilaw is where it’s at. My favourite Filipino dish.

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